polymorphOS status update – 2019-10-28

today has been the day of the ~memory manager~ !!

previously, polymorphOS has been using the linked_list_allocator crate. there’s a few downsides to that crate, one of which is you can’t add non-contiguous memory blocks.

i’ve made memory managers before (see awooos/dmm) but those were in C so i couldn’t just grab one and run with it. so, i wrote a new allocator named polymorph-allocator, that takes heavy inspiration from awooos/dmm.

it’s very early in development – it can allocate memory but it doesn’t do proper deallocation (yet) – but polymorphOS boots and works using the new allocator! i’m very happy with this so far.

currently the polymorphOS kernel only tells the memory manager about one memory block (which is the heap that was created for linked_list_allocator), but soon it’ll know about all memory in the system!