about us

hello. we’re a multiple system, collectively known as “The Iris System”. there’s a few of us, but the two people who front most are lauren (ey/em pronouns) and danya (she/her pronouns).

our primary social media platform is twitter – we have a public account at @lauren_nyaa. lauren usually tweets at @raspberrymiku, danya also tweets but her account is not for public consumption.

DMs are open on our public twitter account, so if you want to contact us, that’s probably your best bet. if you don’t have twitter, or want to send us something bigger than will fit in a twitter DM, you can email us at hello (at) this domain.

if you see a ren (or a r3n) around IRC, it’s probably us – we’re most active on StormBit, a network that lauren helps run, but we’re also on freenode and a couple other places. we’re also in the tildeverse in various places as lauren.

lauren writes a reasonably large amount of code. some of that code is on eir gitlab account. ey have a github account, too, but that’s only really used for contributions to other things and filing issues.

you’ll notice that lauren’s gitlab/github accounts are named alxce, that’s a holdover from a previous name, but it’s also one of eir middle names, so [insert shrug emoji]. lauren can’t be bothered changing those usernames, mostly because they’re referenced in a bunch of places.

finally, nya :3c