about me

hello! i’m alice (or ren, depending on the direction of the wind). i use the handle alxce in various places on the internet.

i write a reasonably large amount of code, most of which can be found on my personal gitea instance. some of that stuff is mirrored on my gitlab account too, which is also where you’ll see the code i write for other organisations. i have a github account, too, but that’s only really used for contributions to other things and filing issues.

if you see a ren (or a r3n) around IRC, it’s probably me – i’m most active on StormBit, a network that i help run, but i’m also on freenode and a couple other places.

my primary social media platform is twitter – my public account is @alicegoesnyaa, and my primary account is @raspberrymiku. my primary account is locked purely so i can vet followers – feel free to send a follow request.

if you need to contact me, the best way is email – that’s hello (at) this domain. twitter DMs are the next best bet, my DMs are open on both my accounts.